CNET sees PS3 in the lead…… 2012

23 06 2008 

You see that chart right there? That’s the predicted outcome of the console war this generation, courtesy of CNET. Aside from the hate in your heart caused by those black bars cruising past those lovely blue ones around the year 2012, what else do you see? A terrible future for that Xbox 360? According to CNET, it will be.

What do you all think about this prediction? Do you think the Wii’s popularity will grab at such a high level for the next 4 years (it does have a lot going for it though)? Do you see the demand dying down a bit soon? Also, what are all those people of the future buying PS3s for? I myself actually see this being true. Games like Tekken 6, Gran Turismo 5, God of War 3, Final Fantasy 13, Killzone 2 and many more will definitely grab the attention of the hardcore gamers later on. But for now, this is just a prediction, a prediction that is worth taking notice.




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