RUMOR: PS3 “Trophy” System Picture Leak

24 06 2008

This is a supposed “leaked” image for the PS3’s upcoming Trophy System.  This is supposed to be Sony’s answer to the highly popular Gamercard/Achievement system that Microsoft has on their X-Box 360.

Trophy System


What we do know for sure it that the Trophy System is set to release with the Firmware 2.40 update.  What we don’t know is when that’s going to be.  Firmware 2.40 is supposed to have PS3’s “Xross Media Bar,” PSN Trophies, and some new features that have yet to be announced.

A Sony insider, “Gassy Snake,” explains that each trophy type will be worth a different number of points. He divulged that there is a certain number of each type of trophy available for a given game. In order to progress through levels, he claims you will need to gain a certain number of trophy points and as you increase in trophy levels, this number will increase as well thus increasing the level of difficulty to reach the status of elite (or possibly Platinum).  – From

That’s pretty much all that is known at this moment….stay tuned for more information coming soon!




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24 06 2008

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24 06 2008

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