PS3 FW 2.40 Features and Release

25 06 2008

So after a 1year and 8 mouths we will finally get the feature we have been waiting for, THANK YOU SONY!
Now if the list below is true we will get every feature we need and want, but the one thing that is missing is In-Game Chat, & Cross Game Invite, so if these two features are left out, these are the two features we need to bitch about next.

Now what will Microsoft & Fanboys have to say about this? The Playstation Network almost has Xbox Live feature for feature and the PSN is a free service compared to XBL. Will “Home” be the feature to take PSN pass XBL? Only time will tell.

Via: Next-Gen


The full feature list is as follows:

• Friend category
• View, send, receive messages
• Manage downloads
• Set the vibration feature of the controller
• Sign in to PlayStation Network
• Register friends
• Manage Bluetooth devices
• Terminate the game
• Music category
• Use the system BGM
• Work the system BGM operation panel
• Settings category
• Assign controllers
• View profiles
• Game category
• Set audio devices
• Use the voice changer
• Play custom soundtracks in-game

Now as always SONY refused to comment on the feature list.

But I want to know what you guys think. Do you like the list? Also what do you feel is missing?PS3 firmware update 2.4,  is due to launch in mid-July to coincide with the E3 Media and Business Summit.





2 responses

28 06 2008

yh this is good but i think we should also be allowed to lisen to our own music and play at the same time. also when we press the ps button we should also be able to se the time one the corner or sumthing

28 06 2008

Agreed, hopefully with the trophy update, we’ll have more to do when we hit the PS button….such as view trophies, etc. If they follow how the X-box 360 does their’’ll be awesome.

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