Microsoft Launches Content License Transfer Tool

26 06 2008

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Microsoft has today announced the immediate availability of the Xbox 360 Content License Transfer Tool which allows users with more than one Xbox 360 console to manage licenses for games.

Previously, those who purchased a new Xbox 360 console or received a replacement unit would have to be signed in to Xbox Live to play games which were not purchased on that new unit. However, today’s update allows the total migration of licenses to a new console which means no internet connection is required to play purchased content on the new machine.

Microsoft wishes to make it clear that this will not allow those with 2 or more consoles to perform regular transfers of content – the process can only be undertaken once every 12 months per gamertag.

Visit the Xbox 360 Content License Transfer Tool website to get started. Note that you must have a computer connected to the internet and your Xbox 360 connected to Xbox Live simultaneously for this to work.

The website posted above gives you very simple instructions on how to transfer your licenses.




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