EA/Harmonix Announces Rock Band 2 For September

30 06 2008

From Xbox360achievements.org

Rockband 2 has been announced for a September release.

The sequel to the popular “Rockband” game will be hitting the 360 first, with the ‘other’ platforms getting a release later in the year.

Rockband 1 downloadable content will be compatible with the new game, along with the peripherals. However, “upgraded” instruments will also be available upon release.

DLC aside, along with all of the available tacks from Rockband 1, Rockband 2 should have over 300 songs available to play straight off the bat. You can also expect major improvements to online functionality and a more “party friendly” set-up.

In an interview with IGN, Lead Designer Dan Teasdale had this to say:

“We’ve taken almost everything people have asked for in Rock Band and added it to Rock Band 2, as well as including some “first time ever” features.”

Rockband 2 should debut at E3 this coming July.

So….now we have to get all new instruments all over again….give me a break.  I love these games, but why can’t we just settle for one set on instruments.




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