Dragon Age Information Coming July 9th

7 07 2008

That’s right, according to the official Bioware site, new information will become available on Dragon Age come July 9th.  Dragon Age, the “spiritual successor” of Baldur’s Gate, was announced a little over 4 years ago.   To date, there’s really not much information on it at all…other than about 5 screenshots and a trailer.  Also, the fact that it’s going to be released on PC as well.  So far….there has been no confirmation on whether or not it will see a release on any of the consoles.

I’ve been waiting for this game since it was announced.  It’s very odd how Dragon Age is not currently revealed for being shown at E3, but the “new information” is coming only a few days before E3 launches.  Could we possibly see DA at E3?  It’s a possibility…but only time will tell.




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