Fable 2 Collector’s Edition & Fable 2 Mini-Game Updates

7 07 2008

Lionhead has just announced what the collector’s edition of Fable 2 will include:

  • Bonus disc with a behind-the-scenes video
  • A collectible Hobbe figure
  • A Xbox Live trial card
  • Unannounced in-game content

For the “unnannounced game content” you will have to have a Xbox Live account…hence the XBL trial card.  The collector’s edition will be available at launch for $79.99, which is about $20 more that the standard edition.

Also, all 3 of the the mini-games that will interconnect with Fable 2 will be available on both of the discs.   But, for those who go and pre-order the game will get the games for free a little bit earlier on an unspecified date in August.  The three games included are: Keystone,” which is a combination of craps and roulette, “Spinnerbox,” which is an updated take on slot machines, and “Fortune’s Tower,” which is a press your luck style of game. The download will also include a Shell, which is a tutorial of all three games.

Fable 2 has not received a release date yet, but with the 3 mini-games launching in August…expect Fable 2 no later than late October.




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