New Fallout 3 Details

7 07 2008

A fan-based Q & A was answered at Bethesda’s forums was answered by Todd Howard and here are some of the highlights from the Q & A.

  • Armor sets come in two pieces, body and head
  • Inventory limit is based on weight
  • Children and essential NPC’s are unkillable
  • Good/Evil karma system relating to in-game choices
  • Crimes committed against specific groups are known to all in the group throughout the game world
  • NPC’s navigate via a mesh instead of via a point to point system like in Oblivion and Morrowind
  • Like Oblivion the game uses a skill list and those skills determine maximum possible effectiveness in battle
  • Faces are customizable, but not bodies
  • The player can crouch and sneak around
  • Many of the old Fallout traits return, only now as skill perks
  • Fast travel is only available to places you’ve been before
  • Not all non-humans are hostile: “some can be reasoned with and even hired.”
  • Player “perception” functions like the Oblivion compass
  • If it’s half as good as Oblivion…it’ll be another classic from Bethesda…




    9 responses

    8 07 2008

    I haven’t played any of Bethesda’s titles, as hard as that may be to belive, but I’m looking forward to this one. It’s getting a lot of critic buzz, which is often a good thing.

    8 07 2008

    To be honest…I’ve only played 2 of Bethesda’s game so far…and they have been completely incredible and revolutionary. I can only excpect Fallout 3 to do the same thing.

    8 07 2008

    Oblivion looked fun, but I could never finish such a long game.

    8 07 2008

    Honestly, I haven’t beat it yet, but I’ve completed a lot of it. Now as for Morrowind….I don’t think I’ll ever complete it.

    8 07 2008

    Haha, and me being a very late adopter of the game doesn’t sound that appealing. I figure I could finish it by, oh say, 2010. I will be looking to pickup Fallout 3 ASAP, though.

    9 07 2008

    Yeah, Fallout 3 is a definate must by for anyone and everyone. Especially RPG fans.

    9 07 2008

    Is it first person like Oblivion or will it be more like Mass Effect?

    9 07 2008

    I may be wrong about this, but I thought you could play it both ways. Oblivion you can play first or third person.

    11 07 2008

    That’s right, I forgot about that. Most of the videos show it in first-person, but now I can receall seeing the whole character. Should be good to have the option to switch.

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