[E3]KOTOR MMO Rumors Are True…Sadly

17 07 2008

Here’s the post from Joystiq.com

Portfolio.com just published a short excerpt of its interview with EA boss John Riccitiello who tells the site that it’s “got two of the most compelling MMOs in the industry in development” including “the one that people are dying for us to talk to them about — in partnership with Lucas, coming out of BioWare.” One doesn’t need to connect too many dots to arrive at the conclusion that BioWare is returning to the Star Wars universe with a Knights of the Old Republic MMO.

Of course, this product has been rumored for … well, for a long time. Separately confirming a BioWare / LucasArts collaboration and a BioWare MMO project lead to certain obvious conclusions and countless other rumors and leaks seemed to do everything but confirm (and some denied) the project’s existence. Though it would appear Riccitiello wasn’t quite ready to put a name on that project – it’s Portfolio.com connecting those dots – by referencing that this is the game that “people are dying for us to talk to them about” he clearly seems to be pointing to KOTOR.

[Update: We’ve just spoken with N. Evan Van Zelfden, the writer of the report, who told us that when asked specifically if this game was “KOTOR Online”, Riccitiello responded unequivocally, “Yes.” So, there you have it – sounds like we can take off our skeptical glasses.]

I personally didn’t want to see KOTOR go MMO because it has been one of the best single player experiences I’ve ever had on a game.  It’s almost like no one cares about the single player games anymore…  I get the demand for a Star Wars MMO is really high…but why’d it have to be KOTOR, why not Battlefront or another one…  Oh well, I guess this is one I won’t be picking up.




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17 07 2008

Don’t give up hope just yet! You have to remember this is BioWare we’re talking about.

Another interesting thing is Mr. Riccitiello didn’t say what platforms the game is being developed for. If it’s PC only I won’t be getting it, otherwise I’m a happy camper.

18 07 2008

I have absolute faith in Bioware, always have always will. I just don’t have a quick enough connection to play a MMO….that’s why I’m pissed. I don’t like the idea of them taking a single player game and making a MMO out of the sequel.

1 08 2008

I think this new Star Wars MMO can be awesome. The KOTOR era is an idea setting for such a game. And turning a single player RPG into a MMO RPG makes more sense than turning a FPS (like Battlefront, that you’re taking about) into a RPG.
I’ve been playing SWG and loving it until they ruin the game with the infamous “NGE” ; since then I’ve been waiting for the next SW MMO. I’m very excited about this project.

1 08 2008

I just wish they would’ve wrapped up everything in the single player games first…then launch the MMO. Then I would have no problem with it at all.

8 06 2009

“reviewthosegames – If it’s PC only I won’t be getting it, otherwise I’m a happy camper.”

Don’t get me wrong I loved kotor 1 & 2. I have mixed emotions about the MMO only because I also wish they wrapped up the single player story line first. It has the potential to be an amazing MMO as long as its not doomed to a console.

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