Pandemic Still Working On The Dark Knight Game?

23 07 2008

Well, as if you didn’t already know this, the Dark Knight game did not debut out with the movie.  Could this be a good thing?  It’s a possibility.  It’s been long rumored that Pandemic has been working on The Dark Knight game, but with the movie out and no game to release beside it, it left us wondering if there is still one being made. 

According to Gary Oldman, it’s still being made.  He recently revealed on G4 that the game is still in development.  He did not say what publisher/developer is behind the game, but it our eyes…it has to be Pandemic.  Or at least we hope it’s Pandemic.  Nothing much else was said except that it’s being made.  So fear not Batfans, you’ll still get your game sometime.  Our guess: it’ll release sometime around when The Dark Knight dvd comes out.




One response

27 07 2008
Jordan Snyder

Ugh, I’m finally back from vacation, where I had no computer… I did, however, see The Dark Knight in all its actiony glory. It’s one of my top 5 favorite movies of all time, and I hope the game can do it some justice. It’s nice seeing some movie games take some extra time to be good, other than to be released on time with the movie.

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