Paramount Bringing “Chick Flicks” To Gaming

23 07 2008

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Movie giant Paramount has announced it is expanding into the games market with adaptations of three teen flicks leading the assault. According to Variety, Clueless, Mean Girls and Pretty in Pink will all be given a videogame makeover and were hand-picked from Paramount’s bulging back catalogue to appeal to women and the casual games market.

Details on the games are scarce although it’s unlikely any of the cast members of the original films will be involved. However, Paramount has announced that they’ll be available on PC before the end of the year and will be sold in both retail and via digital download for around $20. Console versions are expected to follow too, with the DS a likely platform for all three tie-ins.

Not really that interesting to me (unless they put it on the 360, in which case I’ll have to get the achievements), but I’m sure it is appealing to the ever-growing female gaming population.




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