[ACHIEVEMENTS] Fable II: Pub Games

25 07 2008

Fable II: Pub Games [12 Achievements/200 Gamerscore]

(Achievements Could Contain Spoilers)

Not Just Another Mark (10)
Earn a 3-star rating

High Roller’s Club (20)
Earn a 5-star rating

I Want It All (40)
Earn all 15 unique items

No Stone Unturned (10)
Get a jackpot in Keystone

Warrior’s Luck (10)
Get a jackpot in Fortune’s Tower

Serious Stakeholder (20)
Have a bankroll over 2,500 gold

Penultimate Player (10)
Place in a tournament

Big Spinner (10)
Win Big (at least 100 times your bet) at any Spinnerbox game

Fortunate Finder (10)
Unlock a new game of any type

Lucky Locksmith (30)
Unlock all games

Champion of Chance (30)
Win a tournament

Fabled Financier (0)
Play a pub game with your Fable® II Hero




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