Gears Of War 2 Gets Linked

29 07 2008

As far as I know, Fable 2 is the first game to link up games together.  So, this may end up being the trend with all sequels from now on (or not…).  But I hope it is, I like to see some extra incentive, especially if I took all the time to beat GoW on Insane mode.  Yeah, I get the achievement to prove I did it, but so what?  What good does the achievement do in the game…none, that’s what. 

Here’s a couple of them that have been announced thus far:

  • Players who played Gears 1 and completed Act 1 will be able to play as Carmine in Gears 2’s multiplayer.
  • If you killed Raam at the end of Gears 1 his character model will be available as well.
  • Unlocking the “Time to Remember” achievement in GoW unlocks Minh Young Kim in GoW2 multiplayer.

There will be more “linked achievements” but none of the others have been announced.  Makes me wonder what you get for having the “Seriously …” achievement will do…?  Maybe it’ll give you a t-shirt for your avatar saying “I have no life!!! Seriously!”




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