Hideo Kojima Hints At A New Metal Gear Game

29 07 2008

A brief interview with Hideo Kojima at Variety isn’t so much full of megatons – he hasn’t read much Haruki Murakami but he does enjoy Phillip Dick and Kurt Vonnegut – as it is with some insights into the supposed “end” of his Metal Gear Solid series.

Kojima shares some of his thought process on the creation of “Old Snake” – “I made him this way because of the unique characteristics of the game medium … he represents the players themselves because of the interactive nature of games” – as well as teasing what we may be able to expect from “a new Snake.” Kojima says, “If there ever were to be a new Snake (might have a different name), he will be a Snake for a new era.” No, we’re not sure what that means either, but it gives us great satisfaction in knowing that Kojima probably does.

– As posted on Joystiq.com

Personally, I’d love to see this great franchise expand.  It’s one of a few games that Sony has exclusively (currently) and one of their main system selling games.




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