Square Enix Launches A New Brand: Pure Dreams

1 08 2008

As posted on IGN.com

Square Enix announced today the formation of a new brand called Pure Dreams. Focusing on characters, the brand will debut with two DS titles, including a game based around the Snoopy license.

The Snoopy game is fully titled Snoopy DS: Let’s Go Meet Snoopy and His Friends. Players create their own character and take part in mini games and other activities with the characters from the comic classic. A Japanese release for Snoopy DS is set for October 9.

The second game in the Pure Dreams series is titled Pingu’s Wonderful Carnival. Playing as the penguin Pingu, from the animated television series, players complete jobs and other activities in an attempt to create a dream carnival. A Japanese release is set for November 6.

Currently, the two games have not been announced outside of Japan, but given the world recognition of both brands, and the fact that the titles Square Enix announced came with English translations, you can probably expect to see this different side of the Final Fantasy publisher in your part of the world at some point.

So…Snoopy?  Not really all the suprising considering Kingdom Hearts.  I mean, Snoopy is a big big name and they’ll probably make quite a bit off of it.  It’s a great move by Square Enix in my opinion.




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