RUMOR: Medal of Honor Goes To Afghanistan?

6 08 2008

According to a French website (JeuxVideo), EA supposedly sent out a survey to some websites stating that the next MoH would be called Medal of Honor: Operation Anaconda.   “Operation Anaconda” took place during March 2002 in the Shahi-Kot Valley & the Arma Mountains.

This survey also states that you will be doing different things throughout the campaign, such as: sniper missions, “drone attacks”, and frontline shooting.  I guess that EA may have finally seen the light and decided to leave the WWII era behind for a while…or at least let’s hope so.  It’s also stated that the game will have over 60 customizable weapons…  That’s interesting it itself…  I’d like to know more, but it may be a little while before we hear more on this.




4 responses

6 08 2008
A Mobile Guy

I dont think so

7 08 2008

Do you have any reason for saying that? It may happen, I’ve yet to see any proof denying it so far.

7 08 2008
Jordan Snyder

Has Medal of Honor ever not been a WWII shooter? I’d like to see what they can do with something a little more…modern?

7 08 2008

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