SOCOM: U.S. Navy SEALs Confrontation Gets A Date

6 08 2008

That’s right, the long awaited SOCOM game will be hitting stores and PSN on October 14th.  It will have 3 different bundles that you can choose from:

  • $59.99 Bundle Version — Includes the game on Blu-ray, along with the newly designed Bluetooth headset, and some exclusive Behind the Scenes videos.
  • $39.99 Stand Alone Version — Includes the game on Blu-ray and nothing else.
  • $39.99 via PlayStation Network — Includes the game downloadable from the PSN and nothing else.
  • I’d personally go with the $59.99 bundle.  But tell me this…why is the Blu-ray disc and the one you download the same price?  I thought we were paying for the disc….but what the hell are we paying for on the PSN to make it the same price?




    2 responses

    6 08 2008
    Jordan Snyder

    I guess it still costs them to release it digitally.

    6 08 2008

    It just doesn’t make sense that they are the same price…You would think it’d cost them more to release it on a Blu-ray than to put it on PSN.

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