On The 7th Day…Rayne Was Upon Us

7 08 2008

This week starts the launch of a new montly column called: On The 7th Day.  Basically, ever month on the 7th, we’ll be breaking down the hottest girls in the video gaming world.  We’ll basically go through their biography, list of games, and other things that have spawned off of the video game such as movies & comics.

So…without futher ado….we give you Rayne.



 Rayne first and foremost is a dhampir, which means that she has a vampire father and a human mother.   But her being brought into this world wasn’t all that pleasant…in fact her mother was in fact raped by her vampire father, end result: we get Rayne.  During her “teenage years” she visciously searched for her father because she wanted to kill him.  The search didn’t end to well when she went to Europe and was captured by law enforcement officials because she had killed numerous people.  She tried explaining that she killed vampires, but it was dismissed by officials.

Shortly after she escaped the law enforcement, she was given an invitation to join the Brimstone Society.  So, she naturally accepted.  The Brimstone Society sent her on various missons.  Most of them had to do with slaughtering the supernatural.  One such instance, she had to stop the Nazi’s from using magical powers to bring Hitler to complete and full power.

She is very athletic and very agile…as expected from a half-vampire.  She can jump over 20 feet in the air, duel-wield pistols, and she’s even strong enough to hold shotguns and assult rifles one-handed.  In order to close gaps on the enemies, she has a harpoon “bracelet” that lets her stick her enemies to drag them back to her…making it easier to kill and feed upon them.

Not only can she wield guns, but she’s also equiped with blades that are mounted on her forearms.  This allows for some intense and brutal “in your face” combat.  As with the norm, she does share some of the vampires weaknesses as well.  She can’t stand in water because it’ll cause her damage over time.  But, she is not suceptible to holy items and is barely affected by the dreaded sunlight that vampires so love…

It’s said the most of her family is evil, but there is a mention of her having a half-sister who may be a dhampir as well.  It was never revealed in the game if this was in fact true or not.

Rayne has appeared in 3 total games: Bloodrayne, Bloodrayne II, and it’s also said that she appeared in the game Infected.   Bloodrayne was also planned as a trilogy, but there has been no news at all on a new Bloodrayne game coming out.  Which, deeply saddens us.

Natassia Malthe As Rayne

Natassia Malthe As Rayne

As for other forms of media, she has had 2 movies made…neither one of them receiving very good reviews.  Uwe Boll directed both of the movies and he’s also stated that he’s going to be doing a Bloodrayne 3 movie.  Bloodrayne 3: Warhammer is set during World War II. He also stated that both Kristanna Loken and Natassia Malthe would like to return to portray Rayne in the movie. Filming is supposed to begin in Croatia, spring of 2008.

Kristanna Loken As Bloodrayne

Kristanna Loken As Rayne

Bloodrayne also has a quite a few comic books that are released almost monthly.  Most of these comics are just mini-series, but almost all of the comics tie-in to the video games.  If you want to learn more about Rayne, I’d suggest checking some of them out.

So this wraps up our first serving of On The 7th Day.  Let us know what you think.  If you want to see more of certain information or if there is something you feel we left out, let us know and we’ll try to improve.




4 responses

8 08 2008
Jordan Snyder

Haha, nice feature. Lara Croft better be coming. 🙂

8 08 2008

Yeah, I’m think about having her feature the month Tomb Raider: Underworld launches 🙂

9 08 2008
Jordan Snyder

Good idea. She’s among the best.

9 08 2008

I figure I’d get more hits on it if I put it out the month her game comes out 😛 Hehe

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