The Godfather 2 Game Details Emerge

11 08 2008

A few weeks ago, we announced that The Godfather 2 game was actually being made.  Today, we have a few details that have been leaked from various sites…all for your viewing pleasure. 

First off, GF2 will take place in not one, but three different cities.  Those three cities being: Miami, Havana, an New York.  The game is being described as “Scarface meets Total War” because it’s a sandbox game with RPG, RTS and some board game elements.  I’m not quite sure how the “board game elements” are going to play out, but one this is for sure…it’ll be different. 

As for character classes, the game has six of them  – “bruiser, demolitions expert, arsonist, medic, safe cracker and engineer” – and each character can have one of twelve different “personalities.”

Other features include “Don’s View” (which is where the RTS part comes into play) and a perks system (where the “board game elements” comes into play).

The Godfather 2 is expected to come out in Feburary 2009.




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