More Mass Effect DLC On The Way?

12 08 2008

The developer’s co-founder Greg Zeschuck saying they were “definitely looking at” more DLC for the game.   He also stated “With everything we build now, we want to have this long-term relationship with the customer and always have something for them to try. So we’re definitely looking at that for “Mass Effect.”

Here’s to hoping that we’ll see even more DLC for Mass Effect before ME2 comes out 🙂  I’m hoping that they’ll bump it up to the full 1250 instead of adding only 50 GS points.




2 responses

25 01 2011

I love this website, the information is great and I have bookmarked it in my favorites. This is a well organized and informative website. Great Job!

25 05 2011

Thank you. I apologize I haven’t made more constant updates. It’s difficult to do with no help and juggling between time for this site, my family, and my xbox (lol yes I had to throw in xbox). I plan to start back up with coverage from this year’s E3 conference.

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