RUMOR: Marvel Making A New Punisher Game?

17 09 2008


It’s been a good while since we’ve had a Punisher game, in fact, I think it was back in 2004.  That’s quite a while.  To me, The Punisher game was one of the best comicbook games I’ve ever played and it still ranks up there in my Top 5 superhero games.

So, when I heard that Marvel was making a new Punisher movie, I expected a game announcement to follow…but no such luck.  The above images was supposably leaked to by Ryan Penagos stating that this is “upcoming artwork from the new Punisher game”.  Whether this turns out to be true or not…only time will tell, but I hope it does.  The article also stated that new information on this game will be out sometime next week, so I guess we have to wait at least that long to see if it’s true.

The article did not mention if the video game was related to the movie or if it was a stand-alone game.  Here’s to hoping it’s a stand-alone game and that it has nothing to do with the movie….because we all know how movie video games turn out.




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