Achievements Unveiled: Shellshock 2: Blood Trails

9 10 2008

There are 40 achievements with a total of 1000 points.
  Blue Leg 50
Complete the game on Easy
  Charlie Don’t Surf 150
Complete the game on Normal
  Shell Shocked 200
Complete the game on Hard
  Host 10
Complete Mission 1 on Normal
  Quarantine 10
Complete Mission 2 on Normal
  Infection 10
Complete Mission 3 on Normal
  Refuge 10
Complete Mission 4 on Normal
  Trip 10
Complete Mission 5 on Normal
  Hunted 10
Complete Mission 6 on Normal
  Captured 10
Complete Mission 7 on Normal
  Payback 10
Complete Mission 8 on Normal
  Evac 10
Complete Mission 9 on Normal
  Whiteknight 10
Complete Mission 10 on Normal
  FUBAR 20
Complete Mission 1 on Hard
  Deep Serious 20
Complete Mission 2 on Hard
  Dinky Dau 20
Complete Mission 3 on Hard
  A Laugh a Minute 20
Complete Mission 4 on Hard
Complete Mission 5 on Hard
  Cut a Chogie 20
Complete Mission 6 on Hard
  Bush Master 20
Complete Mission 7 on Hard
  Snoop ‘n’ Poop 20
Complete Mission 8 on Hard
  Zone and Sweep 20
Complete Mission 9 on Hard
  Bookoo Hostiles 20
Complete Mission 10 on Hard
  Bok-Bok 15
Beat down an enemy
  Lots of Bok-Bok 15
Beat down 15 enemies
  Caca Dau 15
Score a decapitating head shot
  Caca Dau x 15 15
Score 15 decapitating head shots
  Fire for Effect 15
Find and pick up every weapon
  Gun Slinger 15
Complete a level firing only a pistol
  Take it Like a Man 40
Complete a level without dying
  Natural Resistance 35
Complete the game without being killed by an Infected
  Hard Boiled 15
Kill 3 enemies with one pistol clip
  Field of Fire 15
Kill 5 enemies with one AK47 clip
  Army Issue 15
Kill 5 enemies with one M16 clip
  Cook-Off 15
Kill 15 enemies with one belt of a non-mounted Heavy Machine Gun
  Boom Baby! 15
Kill 3 enemies with one rocket or grenade
  Cutting a path 15
Kill 15 enemies with the machete
  Free Fire Zone 15
Kill 150 enemies
  Can’t Quit You 15
Complete the game twice
  SNAFU 15
Dismember 50 enemies



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