Rumors…Again?!?: Metal Gear Solid 4 Still Coming To Xbox 360?

14 10 2008

As posted on Joystiq:

And here you thought we’d escaped TGS without this rumorang whizzing by again. Oh no, we most certainly did not (duck!). “We’re actively looking into a [Metal Gear Solid 4] release for the Xbox 360,” a Konami rep told Japanese investment research firm Morningstar for a TGS report published today (in Japanese). Feel free to take that as “no duh” or a renewed glimmer of hope — Morningstar’s report does not include further evidence that Konami is any closer to bringing a MGS4 port to Xbox 360 than when the rumor first appeared … two years ago!

As IGN notes, the key dilemma is in the discs. How to transfer all that optimized Blu-ray data? And, where to put it?

I could see it happening, I mean, MGS has appeared on the original Xbox before.  I say the reason why Hideo Kojima keeps denying it could be because Sony wants him to keep it quite for a while to try to help boost PS3 sales.




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