[REVIEW] Two Worlds

7 12 2008



A world of chaos infested by the taint.  Uncertain truths await at every turn.  Your sister kidnapped by unknown assailants.  You embark on an epic quest to find and save your sister from an ancient curse.  Orcs seek to raise their god and somehow your family is connected.  Why? How?  With only your trusted weapon at your side, you seek to find the answers.  Whether it be eternal glory or an oblivion of darkness awaiting you…  You’ve entered two worlds.  Find out if it’s a world of good or evil below in the review.



When you first put in Two Worlds, you’re in for a big surprise on the graphic department.  You’ll start to wonder if you didn’t accidentally turn on your original Playstation.  I thought that we were past simple graphics a long time ago.  The cut-scenes are not much better.  Overall the graphics are highly disappointing for a “next-generation” game.  The characters also do not show any feeling at all with face emotions, it’s quite bland.

Rating: 4/10



The voice acting is very, very bland and very monotone.  It’s almost as if Uwe Boll was directing the voice acting in this game.  At times it can be quite annoying with the repetitiveness of the main character’s dialogue while walking through Antaloor.  Especially when you’re coming up on a group of monsters and he says “Oh no, Bandits!”  Another instance is when it’s been raining for 2 minutes and he says, “Looks  Like Rain”.  Well no duh! 

Rating: 5/10



While other parts of this game fail to impress me horribly, I do quite enjoy the synthesis of items.  It’s very basic and there’s not much too it, but I love that you can synthesize the same type of weapon over and over again.  This helps eliminate the dead weight while also giving you a strong weapon and/or armor.  The spell system is kind of weak, only being able to use boosters on 3 spells at any one time.  As for fighting, pretty straightforward hack-n-slash.  The only thing I found quite annoying is that some of the monsters that I tried to kill when I was around level 10 were just as hard to kill when I was level 60.  Also, there’s really no detailing of which monsters are weak against what type of weapons.  For the most part it’s pretty much commonsense if you’ve ever played a RPG before.

As for the journal and the map, it’s completely horrible to use.  I’ve never seen a worse set up in a game before.  It’s fairly difficult to figure what dot goes to which quest at times.  That’s if you didn’t accidentally mess up and click another quest while you were trying to navigate the journal entries.

Rating: 6/10



The storyline wasn’t too bad, if the voice acting would’ve been better it might had made for a more interesting experience.  But anyways,  your twin sister Kira is captured and you are trying to find her.  You also are trying to keep the Orcs from opening Aziraal tomb.  The ending is supposed to be different depending on the choices you made throughout the game in the certain key quests.

Rating: 6/10



The achievements are very simple if not painful.  Really the only aggravating one is to find all locations, which you cannot obtain if you didn’t download the patch for it.  But, what’s worse is if you have logged many hours into this game and then download the patch, you can’t get the achievement during that playthrough…you have to start a whole new game.  This also applies for the “Find All Underground Locations” achievement.  Other than that achievement, most of the others are pretty self-explanatory.

Rating: 6/10



In the end, despite my rating, there is just something about this game that makes me want to keep playing and keep playing. I can’t stand the dialogue, acting, sound, or menus…but at the core, the game is not that bad. At the time of this writing my character is around level 70 or so… This is a game that I really hate to love and love to hate.






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