Dragon Age: Origins Video – Characters

2 01 2009

Bioware.  The name is legendary, no one can deny that.  Look at ever great CRPG.  Look at any RPG game and tell me that some influence has not come from Bioware…if you did, you’d be lying.   Bioware is great at making some of the best RPG games out there.  Baldur’s Gate, Neverwinter Nights, Mass Effect, Jade Empire, Star Wars: KOTOR…the list is super impressive.

Now, Bioware tries a hat trick again, bringing us something that is new to us and not new to us at the same time: Dragon Age: Origins.  No, this is no Two Worlds my friends.  This is a  game that will soon be talked about a lot.  Even after it’s released..it’ll be talked about for many years after.  Why? Because it’s Bioware, it’s their successor to the Baldur’s Gate franchise, and because almost everytime they put out a game it ends up supercedeing the one they release before it.

Don’t believe me?  Click the link below and check out Dragon Age.  Tell me you’re not impressed….tell me this won’t be Game of the Year material. 

Dragon age is set to release on PC, Xbox 360, & PS3 sometime this year.  For PC it will probably be sometime Spring/Summer ’09 and for consoles it hopefully will arive Winter ’09.




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