Achievements Unveiled – UNO Rush

5 01 2009

There are 12 achievements with a total of 200 points.
  Graduation Party 5
Complete the Interactive Tutorial and pass the test.
  Victory Party 5
Successfully call UNO and win a round in the same turn in any mode.
  Surprise Party 5
Play 10 Scramble cards.
  Party of One 10
Win 10 rounds in Elimination mode by eliminating all other players.
  Private Party 20
Play 3 Skip cards in a single round in Partner mode.
  Party Time 20
Win 5 games using the “Fast” house rule.
  Party Platter 20
Play at least one of each command card in a single round.
  Block Party 20
Win 5 local four-player matches.
  Life of the Party 20
Win 10 Xbox LIVE matches in any game mode.
  Party’s Over 20
Score 250 points or more in a single round.
  Party Planner 25
Discard 9 or more cards in one turn.
  Party Decorations 30
Change the color of the discard pile 5 or more times in one turn.



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