Call of Duty: World At War (Death Card Locations)

6 01 2009

There’s a total of 13 Death Cards scattered throughout COD: WaW.  The table below shows you where to get them and what bonus they unlock.  Enjoy!

Card Level Objective Location Effect Name Effect
Eight of Hearts Semper Fi Secure the Village When the game starts, exit the hut and go inside the shack to your right. Thunder Headshots cause targets to explode.
Four of Clubs Little Resistance Gain entrance to the Japanese bunker Before entering the final bunker, on the right side of this area. Hard Headed Enemies take less damage from bullets.
King of Hearts Hard Landing Clear the building In the two story building, it’s in a room on the bottom level. Suicide King When you die, you can use your handgun which has explosive bullets.
Five of Diamonds Vendetta Stay with Sgt. Reznov At the start of the level Reznov will take you into a building. It’s behind the bar, in the corner near the body. Cold Dead Hands Enemies no longer drop weapons or ammo
Joker Their Land, Their Blood Follow Reznov into the barn After taking out the tanks, enter the barn. It’s in the first stall. Sticks and Stones Your only weapons are knives and rocks.
Queen of Hearts Burn ’em Out Eliminate the enemy mortar crews Between the first and second mortar pits, in one of the side bunkers. Vampire Health only regenerates when you kill an enemy.
Nine of Diamonds Relentless Locate the artillery guns In the cave, after the first central room, there are two passages going to the artillery room. These two passages are connected by a tunnel farther down. It is in the center of this tunnel. Flack Jacket Enemies take less damage from grenades.
Jack of Spades Ring of Steel Clear the asylum When you enter the asylum, on the first floor there is a courtyard to your left. In the left corner is the card. Body Armor Enemies can only be killed with headshots.
Ace of Spades Eviction Clear the Buildings In the room with the staircase (just after where you free a Russian POW), go down the stairs and you’ll find a destroyed bathroom. It’s in the debris pile. Undead Soldier Dead enemies will resurrect themselves.
Ten of Clubs Blowtorch & Corkscrew Assault Wana Ridge After the first bunker, on the left side. Painkiller You can revive dead players by shooting them.
Three of Diamonds Breaking Point Eliminate the mortar crews In a shack in the courtyard you destroy the last mortar pit. Berserker If you kill 3 enemies in 5 seconds, you become invincible but only have a knife.
Six of Clubs Heart of the Reich Regroup with your squad As the level starts, head up the stairs, turn left, and cross the street. It is down at the bottom of the Metro stairs. Paintball Gunshots look like paintball hits.
Two of Spades Downfall Clear the ground floor of the parliament After your allies break down the door, on the stairs. Victory Friendly fire on, wounds do bleed damage over time.



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