Achievements Unveiled – Minesweepers Flags

14 01 2009

There are 12 achievements with a total of 200 points.
  Sweep Dreams 10
Easy level completed in 15 seconds or less.
  Gotta Sweep’em All 15
All 3 difficulty levels Quick-completed
  Mine Over Matter 20
10 consecutive completed single-player levels
  Mineswept 20
Completion of Campaign Mode
  Click Click Boom 15
Completion of first continent in Campaign Mode.
  Flag Patrol 20
Win 30 games of Flags against Expert AI
  Mine, Mine, ALL MINE! 10
Win 5 or more games of each Game Type (Classic and Campaign, Single and Multiplayer)
  500 Club 30
Win 500 games (total) of any type
  Sweep Them Off Their Feet 20
Complete a continent in Campaign Mode without losing a level
  String of Flags 10
Make 10 moves in a row in Flags mode
  Streak on the Flag 20
Win 10 games in a row in Flags Mode (multiplayer or single player Expert)
  Elite 10
Win 10 rounds of Expert Classic Mode





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