[REVIEW] Fuzion Frenzy 2

21 01 2009


                Fuzion Frenzy 2 is a party game where you and up to three of your friends compete head to head for eternal glory. Well, maybe not eternal glory, but you get my meaning.  There are various types of games that you can compete in such as: racing, elimination, button mashing, and more.



                The sound effects are as they should be.  The only real major complaint I have on the sound department is the “host” of the tournaments.  Most times his lips are nowhere near synced with the words he’s saying.  Not to mention, thoughout the tournaments, you have to listen to the same five or six dialogue scripts over and over again.

                                RATING: 4/10


          The battle animations, much like the sound department, are pretty much on par with what you would expect from a game of this caliber…which would be average.  The cutscenes are decent looking, but lack in variance.  In the end, the graphics are nothing that stand out above any other game in the party game genre.

                                RATING: 4/10


          Gameplay is very basic and extremely easy to learn.  It’s pretty much “push this button to jump” and “that button to attack”.  I think any child around the age of 5 could compete with the computer a.i. and more than likely win.  One thing I found increasingly frustrating is during online tournaments you’re unable to skip the cutscences with that annoying host.  If you were able to skip them, it might had made the online experience a bit more enjoyable.  Especialy considering you have to watch cutscences half of the time and play games the other half.

                RATING: 4/10

Achievement Difficulty

There’s really not an achievement that can’t be obtained by an average gamer.  The real difficulty lies in finding someone online playing the game the same time you are.  Other than that, the single player achievements are a synch and should cause you no hassle at all.  The only thing is that you’ll get extremely bored by your second or third tournament

                Rating: 5/10

Final Thoughts

          Fuzion frenzy 2 could’ve turned out a lot better than what it was.  If you’re wanting a party game for older people, I’d suggest going to find something different such as Scene it.  If you’re wanting this game for  a bunch of kids, this could be a fairly reasonable choice.  Fusion Frenzy 2 may be fun for you the first few times you play, but after a short while you’ll grow tired of it.  This game has minimal replay value.






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