Achievements Unveiled – Alien Hominid HD

30 03 2009

There are 12 achievements with a total of 200 points.
  Alien in Training 5
Complete Level 1-1 of the game.
  Hungry Yeti 10
Eat 50 KGB Agents with the Yeti.
  City Destroyer 10
Destroy 25 buildings during one game.

  Juvenile Alien 10
Complete the Game on Easy Difficulty.
  Adult Alien 15
Complete Game on Medium Difficulty.
  Expert Alien 20
Complete the Game on Hard Difficulty.
  Head Chomper 20
Head bite 50 enemies without touching the ground or firing.
  Killing Spree 15
Kill 1000 enemies during one game.
  Mad Hatter 20
Unlock all of the 31 hats that are in the game.
  Perfect Fight 30
Defeat the Final Boss without using a continue.
  Survivalist 25
Survive any challenge mode for 20 minutes.
  WMD 20
Reach 5000 Km in Super Soviet Missile Mastar.



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