Achievement Hunters: Your Shape: Fitness Evolved

1 06 2011

Be A Part Of The Community

For those of you who have played Ubisoft’s fitness game Your Shape: Fitness Evolved up until now you could not unlock the achievement Be Part of the Community.  Well all that has changed, because now Ubisoft now has updated their Your Shape site and added an event.  For more information continue reading after the break…

Make sure you do this soon Achievement Hunters, because it took them 6+ months to finally get a community event posted.  This event only lasts during June and who knows if they will continue with adding more events. Especially considering the fact that Ubisoft is due to announce a new Your Shape game at E3 2011.

If you have not signed up for the Your Shape site, you need to do so here:

After that, go to the dashboard on the Your Shape site and it should show a “Community Event” near the middle/bottom of the page.  Click on that and join it.  Next, just pop in your Your Play: Fitness Evolved game and do any activity.  I personally recommend doing one of the Gym Classes because they are the quickest.

No matter what you pick, it should pop at the end of any activity.  If you have any problems with this, please post a comment below and I will try to offer my assistance.




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