[REVIEW] Terminator: Salvation

30 06 2011

Terminator Salvation is developed by GRIN, whom you may know did Bionic
Commando, Bionic Commando: Rearmed, & Wanted: Weapons of Fate, and it is
published by Evolved Games. It is a third-person shooter that you can play alone
or you can play with a friend cooperatively throughout a very short 9 chapters,
or should I say missions?

The epic battle of man versus machine has carried it’s way over from film to video game form for us to enjoy..or so we think. Humanity is on the brink of extinction and you are John Conner, humanity’s last and best hope for survival. Terminator: Salvation takes place shortly before the movie opens up. You start the game by getting a distress call of some fellow companions caught out in Skynet’s grasp. Your mission?
Obvious…go out and save your fellow companions and make it through to the

This game, like many others, has incorperated the cover system like
Gears of War and other games to that effect. It does a decent job but overall
there is not much depth or variety in weapons, enemies, or a story for that
matter. Playing this game cooperatively, to me, is the way to go. Even on the
hardest level it’s not that bad. It should take an average player with a friend
no more than 5-10 hours to complete on the hardest mode. Your health meter is
taken (again) from games like Gears of War. The only way to really replenish
your health is to hide in cover and not take damage for a set amount of time or
kill the enemies that are left in the area.

Your A.I. are not your friends in this game. Very rarely do they seem to help you out in times of need. As for the enemies, they aren’t really challenging. Most of them you can just hide behind cover and they will walk around in circles letting you kill them
effectively and easily. There’s really not much of a challenge to take out any
of the enemies in this game. The game feels staged as well. There’s always an
ammo drop right when you’re about to go into battle so there is really no
suprise as to when you will have an encounter with the machines.

It really didn’t suprise me when I put the game in and realized that Christian Bale
did not have his voice attached to his likeness in the game. But I do have to
give props for Rose McGowan for putting her voice into this game. The weapon
sound and effects are a plus because they sound like you would expect out of a
game like this. The cutscenes are not that bad in this game. They did a nice job
syncing the lips with the voices. The actors and actresses voices were not bland
and monotonus as you get in some movie-to-game tie-ins.

One of the few things that stood out for this game is the environments. The lighting is solid and the backgrounds and the environment are very well detailed. It doesn’t look
any better or any worse than some of your other third person shooters that are
out there now but the level design is very linear. Even in my shooter games I
like to be able to roam around a bit to search for things that others may not
take the time to look for. I didn’t get this feeling with this game. It’s pretty
much straightforward. Another thing are the load times. They are unreasonably
long for some reason. I don’t understand this with such a short game. Installing
it to your harddrive helps somewhat, but not nearly enough to please most

The one thing I think developers need to work on are achievements. Truthfully this list is almost as bad as Avatar: The Last Airbender. Given the game is really short and they probably didn’t have much to work with because of that, they still could have made the achievement list a little bit more creative than: “Beat this chapter, beat that chapter, the end”. Add co-op achievements. Make us kill with each weapon. Make it through a level without dying. Something other than difficulty and story-based achievements.
Don’t get me wrong. I do like story-based achievements, but I don’t like JUST
story-based achievements.

So, I extremely advise against buying this game unless you are an avid fan of Terminator. Even then I would reconsider unless its about $5 or less or renting it. I would also suggest playing with a friend. Granted the game is not that hard by yourself, having a friend along helps you out because your A.I. companions sure won’t. On the plus side, you both get the achievements for beating the game together, unlike some other games here recently.

Story: 3/10
Gameplay: 4/10
Sound: 5/10
Graphics: 5/10
Achievements: 1/10

Final Rating: 3.6/10




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