Batman: Akrham City – First 12 Minutes Of Gameplay

1 07 2011

Batman: Arkham Asylum was an amazing game.  It is by far one of the best superhero games, no scratch that. One of the best all around video games you will probably ever play.  So my hopes are high for Batman: Arkham City.  Now, I’m interested to see how Catwoman fits into this whole game/storyline, but other than that.  If they the stick to the original formula from the first game, I don’t see how this game can fail.




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1 07 2011

Hasbro Family Game Night Xbox LIVE Sale [UPDATED]…

AuthorMessageLast post: Yesterday at 17:00 Last post: 30 Jun at 15:28Posted on 30 June 11 at 15:28Think i might get one or two if these, did not bother last time they were half priceLast post: 30 Jun at 18:31Posted on 30 June 11 at 15:33i paid for jeng…

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