[REVIEW] Black College Football Xperience: The Doug Willams Edition

23 07 2011

Welcome to the worst football experience you’ll ever play. The Doug Williams Glitchfest Edition. I remember football games being fun as far back as the Sega Genesis and I thought, “Hey, how bad could this be?” If you really want to know…keep reading below. But you better find a blanket or pillow to hide and make sure you’ve hit the restroom because **** is gonna fly everywhere!

Most people look to the EA Sports titles for their football games. Apparently Nerjyzed Entertainment didn’t. I’d almost respect them for that if their game was even a fourth of what EA’s are. The menus are hard to find plays in and you’re only able to view 3 plays at a time. It took me forever to figure out how to find the “kick field goal” play because it’s clearly not under special teams in the “formations” tab.

The game itself suffers from many glitches like the clock not ticking down, not being able to pick up fumbled balls, and for me on the extra point kicks when I’m defending and trying to block it always skips when I’m about to jump and all I can see is “extra point good!”.

The A.I. is very dumbed down. I personally thought it was just as easy to play on rookie as it was the hardest mode. In fact, I had better luck on Legend mode than I did on rookie.

All in all…the gameplay is very bland and uninventive, the menus are hard to navigate and the glitches make you want to throw your controller and hit Nerjyzed Entertainment right where it counts.

Graphically it’s a sheer disappointment as well. I mean, come on guys you are using the Unreal Engine. Stick figures move and look better than this. Not to mention the framerate is really horrible. You could be on the 20 yard line then suddenly you appear on the 30 yard line (or someone has sacked you and scored a touchdown off a fumble before the frames catch up, lol.)

A lot of this could have been avoided if they would’ve taken the time to work out the bugs….sadly this is not the case.

The audio department is one thing that I can compliment. It’s not amazing, but the players sound like they’re supposed to and the effects when your playing sound decent enough to make you believe that your actually hitting someone.

Overall it’s a pretty standard and boring list for a football game. I mean, I’d really hate to see a developer get creative and actually make an interesting achievement list for a football game (and yes…this means you too EA).

As with most people, the big fork in the eye is the stupid “half-time band achievement”. If I wanted to play a sequencing game, I’d put my music games in. Why in the world they thought to put this in here I have no idea. I could understand if it was hit 90% or so on Expert, but 100%?

If you’re looking to complete this 100% I’d advise turning away because you’re gonna spend a lot of time screaming at this stupid achievement and wondering why did I put this game on my gamertag…

This game is definately not for the feint of heart. Completionists beware! If they would’ve taken the time and maybe delayed this game a bit and actually worked the bugs out in this game it could have made for a decent title. But, it’s not. It’s horrible and I’ve never seen an achievement quite so frustrating (not even beating COD on Veteran). All in all I would avoid this title. Yes you can get a pretty easy 975/1000, but that last 25 GS is going to haunt you and by the time you get done with this game you’ll need to take asprin and a 24 hour nap.

Gameplay: 1/10
Graphics: 1/10
Sound: 3/10
Achievements: 2/10

Final Rating: 1.8/10




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21 08 2011
Black College Football

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