Marvel Super Hero Squad: Comic Combat Announced For uDraw

25 07 2011

Marvel & THQ apparently had enough success with the kid-friendly Marvel Super Hero Squad: The Infinity Gauntlet game to grant it a sequel.  Only this time the game is only compatiable with the uDraw Game Tablet.  What is the uDraw you say?  Well, basically,  it’s a xbox peripheral that allows you to draw what ever you want on to the game that you are currently playing on your tv.  Granted it’s only going to be compatible with games designed for it (no you can’t go on Halo to do devious things…).  For more information on the uDraw click here.


THQ plans on releasing the uDraw Game Tablet no later that November 15th, 2011.  So you can expect Super Hero Squad: Comic Combat to arrive around the same time, if not sooner for both of them.

But how will the SHS:CC utilize the uDraw?  Here is how THQ describes it:

The uDraw GameTablet allows players to direct attacks, wield weapons and build barricades in the Marvel Super Hero Squad universe. Players can even shake the uDraw GameTablet to create an in-game earthquake!

I enjoyed the first SHS game.  I know it’s no Marvel: Ultimate Alliance, but it’s not half as bad as some of the child-oriented games out there.  So what do you all think?




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1 08 2011
Marvel Super Hero Squad: Comic Combat Trailer « Things That Go [BLEEP]!

[…] We now have a trailer to go with our last post about the new uDraw Tablet which features the Marvel Super Hero Squad: Comic Combat game. […]

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