[ACHIEVEMENTS] Fruit Ninja Kinect

27 07 2011

Fruit Ninja Kinect [21 achievements/350 gamerscore]

(Achievements Could Contain Spoilers)

Classy Ninja (10)
Get a score of over 250 in CLASSIC.

Triple Stack (10)
Get all three powerups at once in ARCADE.

Arcade Action (10)
Get a score of over 500 in ARCADE.

Edumacated (20)
Read a fact about every type of fruit in the game.

Moment of Zen (10)
Get a score over 200 in ZEN.

Score a Super Combo Blitz in ARCADE.

Winning! (10)
Beat a friend on the Weekly Leaderboards.

Strength, Power, Agility (20)
Slice an 8 fruit combo or higher.

Windmill (10)
Get four Combos during one Frenzy in ARCADE.

Swagtacular (20)
Unlock 10 items in Sensei’s Swag.

Fruit Annihilation (30)
Slice 10,000 fruit.

Enter the Dragon (40)
Slice the secret fruit.

DLC: Storm Season (160 MSP | Achievements: 3 | Gamerscore: 50)

 Weather the Storm 20
Slice and dice 2 pomegranates in one game with the Lightning Bolt equipped.

Sunshine on a Rainy Day 10
Get 20 critical hits in CLASSIC with the Rain Man equipped.

Storm the Castle 20
Score 75 points in the first 30 seconds of ZEN with the Storm Castle equipped.

DLC: Space Capsule (Cost: 160 MSP | Achievements: 3 | Gamerscore: 50)

Meteor Shower (20)
Slice the pomegranate 40 times with The Comet equipped.

Star Hopping (20)
Get 80 combos in ZEN with the Stellar Shadow equipped.

Lightspeed (10)
Score 20 Combo Blitzes in ARCADE with the Star Chart equipped.

DLC: [Unknown] (Cost: 160 MSP | Achievements: 3 | Gamerscore: 50)

Masterpiece (20)
Slice a 10 fruit combo with the Calligraphy Brush, Parchment and Ink Shadow equipped.

I Want to Paint it Black (20)
Slice 100 red apples in CLASSIC with the Calligraphy Brush equipped.

Dripping with Power (10)
Slice 30 bananas in ARCADE with the Ink Shadow equipped.




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