[IMPRESSIONS] It’s a Red Dawn for Red Faction

28 07 2011

Three years after it’s resurrection, Red Faction has been put under by THQ. CEO Brian Farrell citied the gaming industry’s hit-driven mantra of late as reason’s for letting the much-beloved franchise fade away. Red Faction, a orignal Playstation hit, seemed on its way back into gamer’s hearts and mind with the new title, strategy game, and even a feature-length film on the SyFy network.

 Maybe it was Red Faction’s departure from first person that held it back, after all that’s how it began and that’s how we remembered it. Let’s be honest though, the main selling point of Red Faction was destructible environments, even on the PS2 that was what made the game revolutionary. Destructible environments are fun, but lose their appeal after a while.

Cinematic cut scene’s in Halo, Gears, and Call of Duty are the new standard for games. Most games have become more than simple stories anymore, they have become epic tales of humanity’s struggle for survival. Perhaps the Red Faction story was just too far behind the times to keep the customers interested.




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