manw1th0utfear’s Top 5 Marvel Games

1 08 2011

5. X-Men Legends/Marvel Ultimate Alliance – From 2004 to 2009, I’ve found myself anticipating each new title in these series. What could be better for a comic book nerd than forming your own team of mutants and metahumans? My personal team for MUA usually includes Mr. Fantastic, Storm, Deadpool, & the Thing. A very strange incarnation of the Fantastic Four indeed.

Ultimate alliance.PNGThe words "X-Men Legends" are written across the top, with a textured steel design covering "X-Men". A large head with a helmet fills most of the background. Around the figure is a dark setting, with fog covering the lower portion.  Standing in the fog are five people in combat stances. An ESRB "T" logo appears in the lower left, along with the Marvel Comics logo, while an Activision logo sits in the lower right.

4. Spider-Man 2 – After it’s prequel where Spider-Man was allergic to the pavement of NYC, this game set down the standard for how to make a Spider-Man video game. Open-world, excellent web-swinging physics, and wall crawling abilities. My expectations for the third movie game was high, but it has been so beaten down by game critics I have avoided newer Spidey titles since.

PAL region PC cover art

3. Ultimate Spider-Man – Basically, an improved and more stylized version of Spider-Man 2. Based in the Ultimate Marvel universe, it tells the story of Peter Parker the way it ought to be told. As a nerdy high schooler juggling the life of a teenager and a superhero, whilst dealing with an alien symbiont because being a teenager isn’t obiously hard enough.

PAL region cover art

2. Spider-Man and Venom: Maximum Carnage – A personal favorite that I played over and over and still have a copy that I pop in every now and again. Just like when I was four, I still can’t beat those two ponytailed chicks.

1. Marvel v.s. Capcom Series – Fighting games are my personal favorite genre of games so this was a no-brainer. The major popularity of this series alone sets it above all other Marvel games. Which is about to release the Ultimate version of Fate of Two Worlds.

Marvel vs. Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds




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