Dead Island – Character Lineup

10 08 2011

The four characters that you and three friends will be arguing over have been revealed, my friends.

Xian Mei, a chinese national who has just arrived on the island, is an employee at a local resort hotel. She’s an intelligent, athletic woman who has, or should I say had, dreams of traveling the world. 

Sam B is a one-hit wonder hip-hop artist who fell into bad drugs and bad friends, who is trying to pick up the pieces of his life and earn a little cash by playing a gig at the Royal Palms Resort Hotel.

Logan is a washed up football star who fell from fame after an illegal street race gone wrong, where his female passenger died and his knee was irreparable damaged.

Purna, the hot chick in the dress with the machete, is a BA cop who was fired from her job after killing a child molester. A child molester who happened to have friends in high places. She killed him anyways and has since been working as a bodyguard for VIPs in unsavory places around the world.




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