Divinity Realm Goes RTS In Dragon Commander?

11 08 2011

Larian Studios has announced today their new game: Dragon Commander.   For those of you who do not know who Larian Studios are they make the Divinity II games, Ego Draconis & The Dragon Knight Saga.

If you have not played either of these games, I personally, recommend these games.  But only if you do not go in to these games thinking they are The Elder Scrolls or some other top tier game.  The graphics in the game are not amazing, but it’s at the core of the game where it really shines.  Larian Studios may not make the eye oogling games, but they make solid games.

So here’s hoping that they do the same with Dragon Commander, which appears by the description of the game (below) appears to be a Real Time Strategy instead of RPG.

Here is the description of the game as provided by Larian Studios:

Taking on the role of the legendary first Dragon Knights, the most illustrious heroes in the history of the Divinity™ universe, players will take command of vast armies in their quest to conquer the empire. With the help of engineers and wizards, they will seek to give their armies both a technological and magical edge, and together with their friends and allies they’ll plan massive war campaigns. Once the enemy comes near, spectacular dragon combat awaits, with power, speed and tactical insight determining who will be victorious.


And the very brief teaser trailer:




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