360 Fails Completely In Japan

18 08 2011

Since November 20, 2005 the beloved 360 has been not so beloved in Japan. Selling a meager 1.5 million consoles, many Japanese retailers are now pulling the 360 off the selves. Most of the titles are all ready in the bargain bin now they will be pretty much thrown in the dumpster. Although, I’d have to say that this is not a big surprise. Japanese consumers are a unique and different crowd. Games like Gears, Halo, Call of Duty, etc. are just now as appealing as say… I don’t know some kinda anime kind of game. Of course the whole nation games there, so perhaps they have less of a core audience and more of a casual. This is the country that closes schools when a big game is being released because they know the students won’t be there anyway!

Of course, it may have something to do with Japan’s xenophobia of American companies. They are rather self-reliant and of course we all know they are going to build a robot army and take over the world… Right? Well when it happens you’ll remember this article. Anyways… It looks like the Japanese public isn’t quite ready to “Jump In.” I think Microsoft knew this was going to happen, so I bet it comes as no real shock to them. Maybe next time Microsoft. Maybe next time.




One response

21 08 2011

I have to agree. The video gaming culture in Japan is drastically different from the West. Most gamers are into fantasy and cutsy Anime based games which they are familiar with. Can’t blame them as Anime is loved by many around the world.

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