Gears 2 XP Events

18 08 2011

In anticipation for Gears 3 and so that players can get the Veteran Gear achievement for reaching rank 100, Gears 2 is having a 5 week marathon of XP events. Epic is so nice to achievement whores. Makes you all warm and gushy on the inside doesn’t it?

8-19-2011 9:00 AM EST Through 8-22-2011 9:00 AM EST 5X
8-26-2011 9:00 AM EST Through 8-29-2011 9:00 AM EST 10X
9-2-2011 9:00 AM EST Through 9-5-2011 9:00 AM EST 15X
9-9-2011 9:00 AM EST Through 9-12-2011 9:00 AM EST 20X
9-16-2011 9:00 AM EST Through 9-19-2011 9:00 AM EST 25X

We’d like to thank Epic for this. Certainly gonna make me put the old Gears 2 in over the next few weeks. Be seeing ya’ll for some chainsawing.




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