[ACHIEVEMENTS] Red Bull X-Fighters World Tour

19 08 2011

Red Bull X-Fighters World Tour [12 achievements/200 points]

 (Achievments Could Contain Spoilers)

You did it (30)
Complete 100% of the game content

All the goods (15)
Unlock all bikes, outfits and events!

The crowd’s darling (15)
Perform 100 tricks!

Emergency ward (10)
Crash 70 times

Tricks master (20)
Chain 5 tricks together

Acrophobia (5)
Drive through any track with no jumps

All time winner (25)
Establish a record in all events

Fan’s favorite (10)
Perform a sextuple flip

Insane (25)
Chain enough tricks to acquire 50.000 points during single jump

Score smasher (25)
Beat your own highscore in any point-based event 50 times

Idol (15)
Gain 10 000 fans

Wheeler (5)
Perform 50 meter wheelie




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12 09 2011
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[…] You can find the achievement list for Red Bull X-Fighters here. […]

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