20 08 2011

Nicktoons MLB (35 achievements/1000 points)

 (Achievements Could Contain Spoiler)

Three Up Three Down (25)
Have a 1, 2, 3 inning with a single pitcher in any single-player mode

Walk This Way (50)
Hit a walk-off home run

Quality Start (25)
Go six or more innings and allow less than four earned runs with your starter

Complete Game (25)
Have your starting pitcher go the distance in a 9-inning game

Perfect Game (100)
Pitch a perfect game (9-innings)

One for the Books (50)
Have a single pitcher record at least 18 strikeouts in a single game

Blowout (50)
Win by 10 or more runs

Grinder Ball (50)
Win by only hitting singles

Straight to the Show (25)
Win a 9-inning game in a single-player game

World Champion (50)
Win the Tournament

Twice as Nice (25)
Pull off a Double Play

Got ‘em All (50)
Hit for the cycle

One Man Wrecking Crew (50)
Have a single player account for 10 or more RBI in one game

Spreading the Love (25)
Have all starters on your team earn at least one hit in Single Player mode

Welcome to the Majors! (50)
Chase the opposing team’s starting pitcher in the first inning

I Make This Look Good (25)
Hit consecutive home runs with the same player in two at-bats in the same game

King of the Hill (25)
Make it through a game without falling behind once

I’m Not That Easy (25)
Hit a home run with a pitcher(

Winning Ways (5)
Win a Single-Player Game

The Final Showdown (25)
Win a 9-inning game in Showdown Mode

Tape Measure Shot (15)
Win a Distance Derby Round in Single Player

Life is Grand (25)
Hit a Grand Slam

All-American (50)
Defeat all the American League teams

National Pride (50)
Defeat all the National League teams

A Full Deck (25)
Unlock all baseball cards

Throwing Smoke (10)
Throw a turbo strikeout

Under the Sea (5)
Hit a turbo home run in the Poseidome

The Wind is Blowing Out (5)
Hit a turbo home run in Air Temple Courtyard

That’s Just Cold, Man! (5)
Hit a turbo home run in Frosty Freeze Field

Going, Going, Ghost (5)
Hit a turbo home run in Ghost Zone Stadium

I’ll Take That To Go (5)
Hit a turbo home run in IRKEN FIELD

Break a Few Eggs (5)
Hit a turbo home run in Yolkus Stadium

Locked and Loaded (5)
Load the Bases

Hitting for Average (5)
Earn a multi-hit game with one player

Squeezed In There (30)
Gain an RBI from a bunt




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