WP7 Deal Of The Week – August 24th, 2011

23 08 2011

So this weeks Windows 7 Phone Deal of the Week is Super Monkey Ball 2.  For those of you wanting to purchase this be warned that there are 2 unobtainable achievements at this current moment.  It is dropping from $2.99 to the discounted price of $1.99.

This is posted from wpcentral.com:

Problem Achievements:

  • Crowned Champion– Get a crown on every stage of a world
  • Conquer Space Case World – Complete all of the stages of the Space Case World

To earn a crown on a level, players must collect all 10 bananas on the level and finish it without dying. Each world has 20 levels, so that’s 20 crowns to earn. Due to the game’s poor controls and high difficulty, the only level on which this is even feasible is the first, Monkey Island. Sadly, the Achievement doesn’t unlock even if all 20 crowns are earned in a single session.

As for completing Space Case World, the final level of the game is just about impossible, so perhaps the developers thought they didn’t need the Achievement to actually work. But a few gamers have braves the game’s frustration and beaten the last level, only to find they didn’t get the hardest Achievement.

Solution status:

We contacted Sega, who were apparently unaware of the Achievement issues. They couldn’t commit to fixes, but I remain hopeful.

 Although on www.trueachievements.com it only shows one of these achievements being unobtainable.


So there you have it folks.  If you’re willing to buy this with broken achievements feel free and hope that Sega fixes them.  I may buy it and not play it until hopefully they fix it.




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