Meet Two Of The Crimson Alliance Characters

25 08 2011

For those of you who purchased all of the Summer Of Arcade titles you will receive this game for free when it releases September 7th.  If you did not manage to purchase those five titles, Crimson Alliance will set you back 1200 MSP.

This first trailer shows off Gnox, who is your warrior/tank class.

Now for the second character who is Direwolf.  He serves as the mage class in this game.

The only character without a trailer at this moment is the Assassin.  Will we see a trailer before the September 7th launch date?  I hope we do, but only time will tell. 

If you’re one of those people who have to check the achievement before you purchase a game, you can find them here by clicking on this link!




8 responses

25 08 2011

I bet the Assassin Character will be the best

26 08 2011

I’m sure it will be good, but that just depends on your playstyle. I personally prefer the magic users over any class in almost any game. But that’s just me.

26 08 2011

The tank for me. I need as much health as possible. I must have an obsession with death haha

26 08 2011

You have an obsession with running up and getting close and personal, lol. I prefer killing them before they even get close.

26 08 2011

the best kills are the ones where you see the light go out of their eyes muhahahaha

26 08 2011

I do, when I light an electric bolt up their ass

26 08 2011

HAHA! That was a good one

30 08 2011
Crimson Alliance Reveals Third Character: Moonshade « Things That Go [BLEEP]!

[…] We previously got to look at two of the three characters in Crimson Alliance.  Gnox the warrior and…  But what of the third character, the assassin?  Well Certain Affinity has finally released the trailer for the third and final character in Crimson Alliance. […]

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