Halo: Reach Getting Update in October

26 08 2011

The way you play multiplayer is about to be tweaked fellow Reach players. I’ve just started playing online and as a noob I’m glad to see the Armor Lock get taken down a peg or two. Some of the changes:

  • Armor Lock now only prevents most of the damage
  • Armor Lock will not unstuck, stuck plasma grenades
  • Shield Bleedthrough will be added, where damage done to players with a fraction of shield remaining can now be inflicted on their remaining health
  • An option to change the reticule bloom (the thing that makes you less accurate the more you fire your pistol and other headshot weapons)
  • Will no longer be able to block an incoming sword attack with simple melee, unless you of course also have a sword
  • Melee kills will now take three blows instead of two
  • Active Camo will be be shortened… unfortunately.

If you wanted to know what Halo was going to be like without Bungie this will be your first taste.




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