New Final Fantasy XIII-2 Trailer Released – Lightning Strikes

26 08 2011

For all of you Final Fantasy fans out there, Square Enix has been kind of enough to release a new trailer for Final Fantasy XIII-2.  For those of you whom are unaware, Final Fantasy XIII-2 takes place approximately 5 years after Final Fantasy XIII.

I’ve still yet to play the Final Fantasy XIII, but maybe one day that will change.  So what do you think about the trailer.  Let’s hope and pray that this doesn’t turn out like Final Fantasy X-2…

My plea to Square Enix:  Please, please, please re-release Final Fantasy VII in HD.  Please!




One response

26 08 2011
Joe Gibbons

Oh I hope it don’t turn out like X-2 either… the only thing I like about X-2 is the dress sphere but the rest was…..blah. The trailer look good… it look almost the same as the first one just a little bit upgrade….The battle system look about the same just a little bit different like “Press A” for critical hit damage….The only things I see different between the two is that girl, Vanille, carry bow and arrow in the second one the first one she carry the wand (she’s powerful in spells in the 1st one and Hope is also powerful in different spells but he’s a crybaby)….also in the battle system it look like 2 people join in damage together instead of just one….I didn’t like the summoner spells in the first one b/c my guys were a lot stronger than the summons but the 2nd one look like a good upgrade so we’ll see…the 2nd one is supposed to be more “open world” instead of “linear” like the first one…you can’t explore the world till like chapter 11 (there are 13 chapters)…. it was kinda boring till you get to chapt 11 where you can do a LOT of stuff….I probably spent about 20 hours from chapter 1 through 10 and maybe 60 hours in chapter 11 and another 40 or so hours in chapter 12 getting the last 2 achievements…. I don’t think the Square Enix will make FF7 but hopefully they’ll do… and if they do then they only need to upgrade the graphic and keep everything the same (spells, weapons, characters, etc….) and I bet it will be the most copies sold than any other FF series…..

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