[REVIEW] Captain America: Super Soldier

28 08 2011

Captain America is a one player action game developed by Next Level Games and published by SEGA. This game has a “T” for Teen Rating from the ESRB. Captain America. Those of you who have any idea of what a comic book is should know of Captain America. He is one of Marvel’s top icons and perhaps one of the greatest characters ever imagined. Now, for the first time since Sega Genesis, he has his very own video game.

The Captain America game has you going through a somewhat open world area in order to shutdown Hydra and The Red Skull. I can’t personally say how closely this follows the film because I have yet to see it. This game does do a better job storytelling than other previous Marvel Comic games.

If you have played Batman: Arkham Asylum and you enjoyed the combat in that game, then you will definately like fighting in this game as well. The combat is the “free-flow” that a lot of games are adopting here recently. This hugely helps this game out because a lot of comic book/movie games get a bad reputation for lack of gameplay. This is one area where Captain America does stand out. Although there is not much variation in the combos, I never really got bored of the fighting. That’s one of the biggest things I enjoyed about it. The biggest thing was getting the timing down to deflect the sonic wave back to that shielded enemy.

With that said there is not, unfortunately, a great variation in enemies. So, get used to fighting the classes of bad guys over and over. This is almost always one of the areas where these games feel neglected the most. A lot of the boss fight are somewhat disappointing. They just don’t have that epic feel to them. Even so, it’s still fun to play. The shield controls are pretty simple and not that hard to get used to. Nothing gave me more satisfaction than bouncing Cap’s shield off about 4 guys at the same time. Excelsior!

The graphics when playing the game are above par, but the one thing that bothered me the most was the cutscenes. I don’t expect the lip syncing to be perfect, but at least try to make it look like he is saying something when his lips move. Other than that the actual game and gameplay graphics weren’t too bad. Props to SEGA, Marvel, & Next Level Games for getting the likeness of Chris Evans and his voice in the game as well. I’m glad to see that more and more of these video game/movie tie-ins are starting to get the actors and actresses that play in them to lend their voices to the games as well. Although sometimes they don’t do a good job, this was not the case in this game.

As for achievements this game is truly a breeze to get 100% in. The major problems you will run into is finding the collectibles. Even saying that, half of them appear on your map. You’re more than likely have more problems getting to some of them than actually finding them. Overall, the achievement list wasn’t very creative. But what more can you expect from a 5-10 hour game?

Story: 5.5/10
Gameplay: 6.5/10
Sound: 6/10
Graphics: 6/10
Achievements: 5/10

Final Rating: 5.8/10




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