[ACHIEVEMENTS] Ugly Americans: Apocalypsegeddon

29 08 2011

Ugly Americans: Apocalypsegeddon [12 Achievements/200 Gamerscore]

(Achievements Could Contain Spoilers)

Embrace Diversity (25)

Complete the game in an Xbox LIVE multiplayer session.

See You In Hell (25)

Complete the game using any character.

We Don’t Need No Magic! (30)

Complete all levels without using special attacks

Demons, The Bane Of My Existence (20)

Locate and collect all of the Demon Babies.

It’s the Collector! (20)

Collect all the projectiles.

My New Favorite Number (15)

Defeat 50 enemies in a row without getting hit.

Repeat, Repeat, Repeat (10)

Use any special attack 100 times.

Wakey, Wakey, Eggs and Bakey! (10)

Resuscitate 50 allies.

Keep These Bad Boys Comin’ (15)

Rack up a 20 score multiplier.

Put Your Cheeks Into It! (10)

Kill 1000 Manbirds.

Dirty Leg Draggers… (10)

Kill 300 Zombies.

No Loitering! (10)

Kill 5000 Demons




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29 08 2011
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